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100th grade cadet collapses and dies at Nigerian police academy, colleagues accuse senior officers of starvation.


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Suleiman Zika, a 9th course police officer candidate in the 100th batch, collapsed and died at the Nigerian Police Academy in Udir, Kano state.
Zika, a 19-year-old computer science student from Adamawa state, reportedly collapsed in the bathroom in the early hours of Saturday, September 2, 2023. Some of the cadets accused the commander, and Deputy Inspector General Sadiq Abubakar accused him of “arrogance and financial mismanagement of student meal allowances,” Panch said.

A cadet, who spoke to the magazine on condition of anonymity so as not to become a victim, said the victim was taken to the academy clinic.

He was not treated because he was in poor conditions, without medication, and there was no doctor to care for him before he gave up and died,” the source added.

A cadet, who also asked to remain anonymous, said the unequipped clinic was visited by many sick cadets every day.

“Ever since the new commander took office, they have provided us with very poor and inadequate food. The boy would not have died if he had been taken care of.”The commander also ordered the market and laundry to be closed and unjust practice to be allowed during the semester,” the cadet said. .

“This is where cadets collapse every day during training. They are either starving, malnourished, or both.” forced to train. In addition, many cadets were dismissed on the grounds of illness. As a result, many are trying to avoid expulsion from the academy.


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