2023 National Population Commission (NPC) Adhoc Staff Recruitment Application Guidelines

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after qualifying from the 2023 National Population Commission (NPC) Adhoc Staff Recruitment Application. then To apply click on the link below

every candidate qualified for National Population Commission (NPC) Adhoc Staff Recruitment should follow the application guidelines below

National Population Commission (NPC) Adhoc Staff Recruitment Application Guidelines

  • Click on Start Application and Start as ad_hoc staff and follow them as you see in the image below
  • To begin, go to the application link at the top of the page, input your National Identification Number (NIN), and then click the “Verify” button, your received a popup message with your Application ID
  • Personal Information: When you click the verification button, a new page will open; on this page, you will need to input your middle name if you have one. If you do not have leave, Please select your state of origin, then your local government area of origin. If you have a physical impairment, please select “No.” Select the level of your proficiency with the computer, choose “No” if you do not have any pending criminal charges, and choose the languages that you are hearing. After you have entered your Name, Relationship to Your Next of Kind, and Phone Number for Your Next of Kind, click the NEXT button.
Screenshot 2022 11 01 03 08 54 216 edit
  • Residential Address: entered your Residential Address, including the State and LGA, as well as three Poling terms that are nearby, and the name of your location, and click the NEXT button.
  • Education Qualification: enter your education qualifications require that you enter the name of your institution, select your qualifications, select your grade, and then upload your certificate by selecting the file to be uploaded and clicking on the NEXT button.
Screenshot 2022 11 01 07 41 30 294 edit
  • Contact information: Please enter your phone number, then click the Verify button, and then input your email address before clicking the Next button.
IMG 20221103 121437
  • Working Experience: Choose whether “Yes” or “No” to proceed. If you currently have employment or have received training from NPC in the past, select the employment you desire and then click the NEXT button.
  • Place your mug in front of the camera. After clicking CAPTURE to capture a picture, proceed to the following step by clicking NEXT.
IMG 20221103 121538
  • Grantor Form: Enter your grantor name, phone, and your grantor status, your grantor name and phone must be from the required status

Screenshot 2022 11 01 07 46 31 285 edit
  • Your application will preview the link PROCESSED TO SUBMIT
  • Statement of Commitment and confidentiality: click on I CONSENT then click on SUBMIT
Screenshot 2022 11 01 07 49 49 450 edit
  • You will receive your Registration is Successful as the image below
Screenshot 2022 11 01 07 49 57 093

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    1. I made a mistake as I was filling the application form, so I want to complete the application please.
      Thanks, Kanu Ndudi Ajuzieogu

      1. I have been trying to register. But no success yet o. I lost my application ID. So it tells me to ‘retry access code ‘. Please help me o.

  1. I want to complete my application. I close it when I was looking my next kin number I don’t know hw to find the application to complete it

  2. Please how can I complete my application? I had tried several times but it doesn’t proceed from “verify” button?

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