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26-year-old Suspect Admits: “I Bathed With Human Head For A Month.”


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Franklin Akinyosuyi, 26, claimed he bathed with a human head for a month to increase business in Ondo Town, the administrative center of Ondo West local government area of Ondo State, where he was detained with human parts.

Akinyosuyi, a suspected fraudster and ritualist, was arrested by operatives of the anti-crime section attached to Funmbi-Fagun police Station, in Ondo town.

The suspect said he decided to look for a ritual assistant due to untold hardship and low patronage which threatened his business.

He made this statement while being led through the command center in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, along with five other suspects. He further revealed that the human head was found in his leased room in the Elewuro neighborhood of the town.

Akinyosuyi, who cleared his landlord, acknowledged that all the things that had been discovered in his hands belonged to him.

In order to expand his photography and boutique company, he also said that he had brought all the supplies from his herbalist, who is based in Ikirun, Ifelodun local government area of Osun State.

“I am a photographer and I also own a boutique,” he said. My uncle took me to a herbalist the previous year. I told him that my company wasn’t doing well, and he requested N200,000 to create a mixture for me. I paid him in full within three weeks.

“When he was finished, he called me to come pick it up, and that was in November of last year. He instructed me to take a bath with the

“I also requested that he pick up the human head; however, he refused to do so. Due to the fact that he had already handed me N20,000, he began refunding my money. So, on that dependable day, I made the decision to go dispose of it, and I dropped it in my backyard. Unfortunately, before I could come back, my landlord’s kids saw it, told their dad about it, and eventually contacted the police.

The suspect stated, “The herbalist claimed after we were detained that he had paid someone to obtain the human head.

Meanwhile, Franklin was charged with unlawful possession of a human head at Fagun Division on August 6, 2023, according to Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Funmilayo Odunlami-Omisanya.

“The suspect’s landlord confronted him about keeping a suitcase in a compound corner. The landlord was suspicious and demanded that the young man open the bag. When he opened the bag, a human skull was inside. He claimed it was provided to him by a native doctor in Osun State after he was detained.

“Further questioning and investigation resulted in the arrest of one Oyegoke Dare, an evangelist, who had given the suspect the skull and other fetish items. One Oyelade Sarafa, a herbalist, was also taken into custody and had confessed to having assisted in obtaining the skull from one Asekun (a vigilante) in Ikirun. Two further individuals linked to the crime who have been mentioned are still at large.

In addition, Bankole Oginni, a 47-year-old football coach, was detained by the police in Akure, the state’s capital, for reportedly murdering his ex-lover with hot water.

“On August 6, a young woman in ‘B’ Division Akure stated that Bankole Oginni Oluwole, a male, 47, had called his sister, Bosede Adejoro, 45, and invited her to meet him at Danjuma Street Akure in his father’s home. Her phone was turned off and she didn’t come home on the scheduled day, making contact with her impossible.

The following day, the sister who had passed away together with the brother-in-law and daughter of the deceased sister tracked the suspect’s residence to Danjuma, Oke aro, where they discovered the dead body.

“During investigation, the suspect claimed the woman slumped immediately she got to the house and he was scared and decided to pour her hot water and tied her leg to enable him dispose her body after removing her intestine”.


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