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A ‘couple’ on their way to India excretes 184 wraps of cocaine, and the woman conceals the substance in her private parts.


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The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, arrested a fake couple: Mr. Ilonzeh Kingsley Onyebuchi and Mrs. Ilonzeh Roseline Nonyelum, who were allegedly on their way to India for medical treatment after ingesting 184 wraps of cocaine weighing 3.322 kilograms, with 100grams of the drug also hidden in the woman’s private part.

According to a statement issued by NDLEA spokesperson Femi Babafemi, the two suspects were apprehended on Tuesday 1st August 2023 at the Screening Point 1, Terminal 1 of the international wing of the Lagos airport while attempting to board an Ethiopian airline trip to India. Despite the fact that their travel paperwork state that their names are consistent and that they are a couple, an NDLEA officer decided to submit them to a body scan.

The scan revealed that they had both consumed drugs, and they were afterwards placed under excretion observation at the Agency’s facility.

‘’While their travel documents identify the male as Ilonzeh Kingsley Onyebuchi and the lady as Ilonzeh Roseline Nonyelum, preliminary inquiry found that the intended passengers were not a couple but obtained travel documents with the same surname to avoid airport security inspections. Ngogbike Nkechi was eventually revealed to be the lady’s genuine name.

She admitted during her questioning that she was recruited in her church in Aba, Abia state, where she lives. Ilonzeh Roseline Nonyelum (aka Ngogbike Nkechi), the suspect, further revealed that she is a divorcee and that Kingsley, with whom she was traveling, is not her spouse and is just connected for the sake of the illicit drug business trip.

”She revealed that her arranged spouse, Kingsley, brought the cocaine pellets to her in her room to take the previous day, Monday 31st July, in the hotel where they were both stayed in different rooms,” the statement read.

Babafemi went on to say that after their arrest, a thorough check of her led to the finding of a large wrap of cocaine weighing 100 grams that she had pushed inside her private area. She admitted that she had been offered $5,000 if the medicine was successfully delivered in India.

”According to his own account, Kingsley, who was in the clothes industry in Onitsha, Anambra state, claimed he was promised $2,000 after successfully delivering the narcotic in India. “A further search of the Agency’s crime data base revealed that Kingsley also obtained fake travel documents for the trip,” the statement read.

Babafemi further stated that Kingsley was apprehended by NDLEA agents at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja on March 19, 2022, for ingesting 100 wraps of cocaine weighing 2.243kgs upon his arrival from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia on board an Ethiopian airline flight. He claimed that the suspect’s travel documents afterwards revealed his true name: Uwaezuoke Ikenna Christian. He stated that the suspect was arraigned in court and granted bail, and that he was still on bond when he was apprehended for drug trafficking this time.

‘’Following his arrest at the Abuja airport on March 19, 2022, along with another suspect, Iro Elvis Uche, who also ingested 65 wraps of cocaine weighing 1.376kgs, Uwaezuoke was arraigned before Justice Zainab Abubakar of the Federal High Court Abuja with charge number: FHC/ABJ/CR/438/2022. The court eventually granted him bail pending the outcome of his trial. He is still on court bail after being arrested at the Lagos airport on Tuesday, August 1st, for a similar offense. Ilonzeh Kingsley Onyebuchi (aka Uwaezuoke Ikenna Christian) expelled a total of 82 wraps of cocaine with a gross weight of 1.822kgs in five excretions, whilst Ilonzeh Roseline Nonyelum (or Ngogbike Nkechi) ingested 101 wraps in four excretions with a gross weight of 1.822kgs.


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