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After receiving harsh criticism, David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, of Nigeria, withdrew the very contentious song video for his signee, Logos Olori.

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Davido received criticism on social media from many Muslims on Saturday after sharing a 45-second teaser for his new music video on Twitter.

The video, which was deemed insulting by many Muslim commentators, showed a group of guys acting as though they were in the middle of a Muslim prayer session but instead were dancing and singing.

They claimed the artist disrespected Islam by fusing song and dance with their religious ceremonies and rituals.

Ahmad, a former adviser to Muhammadu Buhari, wrote in a tweet that “every Muslim finds this content absolutely disrespectful, hurtful and offensive @davido” (#davido). You are all aware, I assume, that Muslims do not in any way combine our faith with humor, especially when it comes to Salah (prayer), which is considered to be a sacred act and the second of Islam’s five pillars.

“During prayer, Muslims recall their Lord, Allah, show their devotion to Him, invoke Him, and make an effort to show their thankfulness to Him. The idea is that performing salah draws the person closer to God. That is our faith, and that is what we think. Do not disrespect it. No Muslim will regard it as honorable or appropriate.

The Kanywood actor Nuhu urged the artist to respect other people’s “religion, culture, and tradition” in a message on his verified Instagram account.

He said, “As much as we want to be innovative in our many industries, we should learn to respect other people’s religion, culture, and heritage. I just came across the contentious video by @davido.

“In Islam, this is wholly unacceptable. You ought to remove that video and express regret for hurting the entire Muslim community.

Additionally, the musician was told to remove the video by former politician Shehu Sani.

Sani stated in a tweet on Sunday: “As an artist or entertainer, it will be most honorable for you to erase or alter that element, apologize to them, and move on if your fans are offended by a piece or portion of your work, especially as it impacts their culture, faith, or religious beliefs. I’m here to discuss Davido. It’s my personal opinion.

Despite remaining largely mum on the subject and refusing to issue a formal apology, Davido finally gave in to pressure two days after receiving criticism and removed the offending video.


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