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An angry mob knocks a police officer down in Lagos for forcing a man onto a BRT.


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After a man named Yusuf was struck by a BRT bus in the Ketu neighborhood of Lagos State due to the impact of being reportedly pushed by policemen, a mob beat a yet-to-be-identified policeman into a stupor.

Eyewitnesses at the incident told the press that the policeman and his colleagues were trying to get Yusuf out of his car when he was shoved onto the BRT lane.

Yusuf was struck by one of the BRT buses operating in the lane leading into Lagos during this process, and he collapsed as a result of the collision.

An eyewitness who did not want her name used in conversation with our correspondent claimed that the police officers were to blame for Yusuf’s trauma and that he suffered various degrees of injuries as a result of the incident.

The policeman were the ones who attempted to remove the man from his car, and while they did so, they forced him onto the BRT lane, where he was struck by an approaching bus, according to the eyewitness.

When the situation became chaotic, another eyewitness—whose name could not be confirmed—hurriedly talked with our correspondent. He claimed that when the policeman realized Yusuf had been crushed by the BRT, they sought to flee the scene, but an angry mob caught one of them.

People pummeled the policeman until he passed out, he claimed. He is still alive since I could still see him breathing. Regarding what they did to the individual, people were outraged.

Look at the man laying unconscious on the ground and the blood on the road; he has terrible wounds.

As Yusuf was seen lifeless on the BRT lane, our reporter saw as people swarmed to his aid.

Our correspondent saw as police officers from the Ketu Divisional Police Station sought to rescue their colleague who also lay lifeless on the ground, as some bystanders were seen pouring water on him to help him regain consciousness.

Due to the force of the outraged mob’s assault on the brutalized policeman, his uniform was torn.

Additionally, many were observed crying over the incident and blaming the police officer and his coworkers for the mishap.

However, as they rushed Yusuf into a car for further treatment in a hospital, our correspondent noticed a serious cut on his right arm while assessing the wounds Yusuf received from the impact of the collision.

To bring the situation back to normal, police officers from the Ketu Division were spotted rushing the area. The unnamed police officer was also taken urgently to the hospital for treatment.

When contacted, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police public relations officer, promised to get back to our correspondent but as of the time this report was produced, he still hadn’t.


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