Arase applauds the Supreme Court’s ruling on constable recruiting.


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The Supreme Court’s decision regarding the commission’s recruitment of constables has been characterized as being in the best interest of national security by the chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Solomon Arase, a retired Inspector General of Police.
On July 11, 2023, the Supreme Court put an end to the ongoing dispute between the PSC and

in addition to the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), whose responsibility it is to find constables for the Nigeria Police.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court made it clear that the PSC was the organization with a legal obligation to act in this way.

Prior to the verdict, Arase stated that negotiations between the two important institutions were already underway and far along in the process of being resolved amicably. She added that it was highly embarrassing for the government and other stakeholders for the pair, who should work in harmony and mutuality, to have gotten into such an avoidable legal dispute over a matter that called for understanding, respect, and compromise.

The commission’s chairman, Dr. Solomon Arase, CFR, a retired inspector general of police, responded to the ruling by saying that it simply and legally solidifies the issue’s resolution in a way that benefits both institutions, since they ordinarily cannot effectively function or carry out their respective mandates apart from one another.

Ikechukwu Ani, the PSC’s head of press and public relations, said in a statement on Sunday: “Therefore, it must be said and seen that the judgment is delivered for the overall best interest of our national security, and it further underscores the imperative need for harmonious working relationships and mutual trust amongst agencies of Government.

“Consequently, it is important that all concerned de-escalate and eschew all forms of hostilities, misconceptions, preconceptions and prejudices against each other which were at the base of the hitherto characterizing of a no love lost relationship between the Commission and the NPF.  

He stated that the unneeded imbrogilo had a bad effect on the officers and other ranks of the Nigerian Police Force, as well as the staff of the Police Service Commission.


He then said that a Recruitment Board had been established and would soon be inaugurated. The Recruitment Board will be chaired by the Police Service Commission and comprised of other pertinent parties.

“The Board will assess applicants to the NPF and make sure that only capable and qualified people are hired, reflecting also the federal character idea.

“The necessity of peace, harmony, and goodwill between the two institutions, in his opinion, cannot be overstated, as modern security provisioning has become more challenging than ever, and demands a robust policy guideline from the Commission, if the Nigeria Police Force is to be repositioned for greater efficiency and effectiveness in not only meeting up with the myriad security challenges confronting our dear country, Nigeria, but also birthing a responsible.


“Peace is essential for growth and success of any institution in delivering on its mandate, and it is hoped that the Commission and NPF will continue to build and consolidate on the emerging trust, confidence and mutual respect which will aggregate 

to foster and entrench a culture of love and symbiotic relationship between the two agencies, towards the attainment of our statutory mandates, for a greater, safer, prosperous and more secure Nigeria”.


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