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Carbon Zero (GetCarbon) Loan Pay with Zero: Buy now, pay later at 0% interest Application Guidelines And How To Apply

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After the reading carbon zero loan application requirements and what it, you will click the link below to apply for the loan, signUp and loan application Guidelines

SignUp link

Loan application form link

How To Apply Carbon Zero (GetCarbon) Loan Pay with Zero: Buy now, pay later at 0% interest.

  • First, select the store you’re shopping at from the drop-down list
IMG 20220704 164206
  • Select if you are an existing Carbon customer?
IMG 20220704 164245
  • Select your employment status
IMG 20220704 164346
  • Enter your (net) salary/income in Naira per Month
IMG 20220704 164420
  • Select where would you like your item delivered to
IMG 20220704 164456
  • Please note that delivery charges (outside of the order total) may apply to your item
IMG 20220704 164540
  • Select your bank where you receive most of your income (We may need your bank statement)
IMG 20220704 164620
  • Enter your bank account number
IMG 20220704 164751
  • Enter your phone number that attached with your bank account alert
IMG 20220704 164826
  • Enter your active email address
IMG 20220704 164826
  • Enter as referral code
IMG 20220704 164855
  • Select a Blog or publication where you hear about Zero Carbon
IMG 20220704 164925
  • Tick the box below to agree to the terms and conditions and click on Submit button.

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