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Due to the increase in gas prices, private school administrators will cease bus service and reduce needless extracurricular activities.


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According to Abayomi Otubela, president of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, some private schools may stop providing bus transportation and parents will be encouraged to find other options for getting their children to school as a result of the spike in gas prices.

Otubela acknowledged that the current economic climate is difficult for everyone and affects all sectors of the economy, including private schools, in a conversation with Punch. We as an association got together in response to these difficulties, reasoned, and enlisted the assistance of situational experts. We came to the conclusion that in order to survive, we must make sacrifices.

In order to cut costs, we agreed that some activities that are not directly related to academic activities should be reduced. We also decided to limit our attention to only those aspects of the core curriculum that can have an immediate effect. Additionally, it was agreed to scale back certain of our social activities that incur costs while we investigate recommendations to obtain staff housing within our facility.

According to Otubela, a rise in the pay of teachers and other personnel is unavoidable but cannot be done without an equal increase in school costs and other expenses.

He further stated that guardians and parents should be ready to spend more.

Parents would undoubtedly feel the effects of this choice. Due to the high operating costs, many of our member schools have parked their school buses. Additionally, it was never successful. Parents would have to decide between hostel options or come up with another way to get their kids to school. However, we are also considering government assistance to obtain a loan with a single-digit interest rate. In order to help investors in the education sector build their businesses and facilities, we have proposed the creation of an education bank, which would be funded by the government.

According to the NAPPS President, private schools require assistance. He said: “Unbeknownst to many, many private schools are operating at a loss, while many are operating as charitable organizations.


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