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During a disagreement with his wife, the police chief shoots himself in the head hours later.



A Tampa, Florida, police chief shot himself in the head just hours before allegedly holding a gun to his mouth and threatening his wife to “end it.”

The Tampa officers Department in Florida, USA, released bodycam footage of Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez, 52, and his wife Jody being approached by officers in their 12th-floor JW Marriott hotel room.

Ramirez, who was staying at the hotel for a convention of sheriffs, got into a confrontation with Jody after she had consumed alcohol.

A witness allegedly stated that “they were out here arguing, they came out here, and he said he was going to “end it now” and put a gun in his mouth,” according to a neighboring hotel employee who called the police.

The wife left the room with her hands up as police entered with a ballistic shield and firearms drawn, as seen on bodycam footage. Soon after, despite cops yelling at him to halt, Ramirez left the room with his hands raised before lowering them to his waist.

He questioned the police as they began to handcuff him, “What are you doing?” You are aware that I am the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Director?

He said, “I didn’t do anything, I don’t understand,” before stating again that he was affiliated with the adjacent department.


He admitted to police officers that he and Jody had been “talking” and that he had never drawn a gun while they were interrogating him.

When Jody was taken by police to a different area so they could question her, she questioned them, “Is this for real?”

Ramirez’s wife was questioned about her safety and expressed no worries, adding that she “didn’t recall him taking [the gun] out.” Later, she rephrased her response to indicate that she couldn’t recall.

Ramirez and Jody’s marriage has lasted 30 years, according to Jody.

“I am pressing every button I know how to because I generally don’t drink today. He’s to blame; he got me on Old Fashion,” she added.


When her husband’s mental state was questioned, she acknowledged that he carries “plenty of demons from the job.” — “as you guys are probably all aware of,” she remarked.

After three hours, Jody dialed 911 as her husband was shooting himself in the head.

She told dispatch that her husband had gone into the road and that she was attempting to assist him when he cried out, “Oh my God, help me, help me, help me, help me!” She claimed that while trying to attend to his head wound on a grassy section of the road, he refused to let her.


Ramirez had surgery while being in serious condition. He did not sustain any brain damage, however NBC South Florida said that he would lose his right eye.

After serving the department for 24 years, Ramirez was appointed in 2020 to oversee the Miami-Dade agency.


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