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Femi Adebayo: To make “Jagun Jagun,” I sold my properties.


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‘Jagun Jagun’, which debuted on Netflix on August 10, was described by Adebayo as a multi-billion naira enterprise in a recent interview.

The actor claimed that he paid for “Jagun Jagun” using the money made from his last movie, “Agbeshinkole.”

Adebayo said that he sold his properties to assure the production’s completion after claiming that he encountered financial difficulties during its creation.

“Jagun Jagun is a multi-billion-naira project, and I cannot say the exact amount I spent on shooting it,” he stated.

“I created Jagun Jagun using the Agbeshinkole sales revenue. I was trying to avoid being supported by financial institutions and private individuals.

When I ran out of money, I sold my houses because I was confident the initiative would succeed.

The actor has been in a number of Nollywood productions, such as “Owo Blow,” “Apaadi,” “Ayitale,” “Makalik,” and “Survival of Jelili.”

‘King of Thieves’ (Agesinkole), a 2022 film starring Adebayo, earned nearly N170 million in the first three weeks of its theatrical release.

He is the child of legendary actor Adebayo Salami, better known by his stage name Oga Bello.

In 2022, Oga Bello’s children gave him an SUV for his 70th birthday.


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