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Five years after the results should have been released, Edo University graduates protest


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Some Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State alumni are reportedly in a state of perplexity as a result of the university’s claimed refusal to provide them with results after they graduated in 2018.

The circumstance has an impact on how the affected individuals are mobilized for the National Youth Service Corps.

The affected individuals claimed the school had been enticing them with promises that result backlogs would be addressed and students who were still waiting to be mobilized for NYSC would be settled, despite the fact that the institution claimed the students may have had difficulties with some courses during their stay in school.

Affected students claimed that the impasse had left them despondent and with a dark future, despite our correspondent having seen several images that appear to have been taken during such encounters.

According to Niyi Ajeboriogbon, one of the disgruntled students, “Every student has been dropping their results as contrary to the assertions made by the school spokesman, including those who had extensions and wrote them the following year and passed everything.

“Our results have been pending for five years. The National Youth Service Corps has not been mobilized. With the vice chancellor and other significant school stakeholders, we have had conversations. There was no way to continue.

“Our parents already believe we didn’t attend school at all, says the child. The VC told us at our meeting that we will see our results in five years. Political science is not unique in dealing with this topic. I have pals who are struggling with the same things in different fields.

Christian Edokpolo, a different graduate, admitted, “I feel dissatisfied and depressed. My relatives are already doubting whether I actually attended the institution. My life is currently going nowhere. Simply because I am awaiting my findings, I am unable to find employment. We are unable to comprehend what is happening. What’s wrong with our set, exactly? Is this not just pure evil?

“We visited with these individuals, but nothing came of it. No school fees are owed. Even some of the individuals they said had carryovers from various courses had completed all requirements. Nigerians who are concerned must assist us.

Mike Aladenika, the institution’s head of corporate communications and protocol, responded by claiming that the results and mobilization problems were caused by the impacted students having unfinished coursework.

“You wouldn’t have issues with your scores if you had graduated and completed everything that was required of you while you were a student. The ones dealing with these difficulties are some of the students who failed to recognize the problems they had with their classes, he said.

However, when asked why management held meetings and assured those who had been impacted that the results backlog would be cleared, Aladenika responded simply, “If the problems were university challenges, graduates from other departments should be experiencing the same challenges.


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