“Go back to Nigeria”: 3 students will be expelled from the UK for paying their tuition N3.8 million late


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Three Nigerian students who paid their tuition late at Swansea University in the UK had their names taken off the enrollment list.
Swansea University has requested Omoladem, Emmanuel, and Paulette to return to Nigeria for paying fees after the deadline.
They have claimed to the school that the cash constraint that struck Nigeria earlier in 2023 is to blame for their late payment of school tuition.

Swansea University in the UK, however, has refused to budge and has kept the N3.8 million (4000 pounds) in tuition despite requests from the students to pack their bags and return home.

The last day to submit fees was March 27, 2023. One of the students, Omolade Olaitan, paid her tuition on March 29.

She remarked, “On March 29, I received an email from Income Tuition. They acknowledged my money and advised me to pack my bags and return to my home country because they could no longer accept it because it was received after the deadline.
Emmanuel Okohoboh, a different student who was accepted to begin a master’s degree in business management, is also at danger of being deported.

Emmanuel claimed that two land lots were sold to increase his fees. “They are not fair, they are not compassionate, and they are not demonstrating any signs of empathy,” he said. To raise the funds necessary to attend Swansea University, I had to sell a portion of my personal property and my father’s farm.

Paulette Ojogun, another student enrolled for a marketing management degree, also paid her fees after the deadline.

She cried profusely in a video seen on the website of ITV. Paulette lamented:

“I am happy that I am here, I am happy that I am studying, so why would you take that away from me because my school fees came in late? I’ve explained everything to them, I sent emails, and they still would not give me a listening ear.”

Legit sent a mail to Swansea University seeking clarifications, and the school confirmed the development.

The school told Legit in a mail “We are of course saddened by the difficulties facing some students and while we are not able to re-enrol them at this stage due to their UKVI status, we have offered advice and guidance, including on securing a refund and on deferring their study to a later start point.”


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