How to Apply 2022 Recruitment Into Flour Mill Of Nigeria (Golden Penny)

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Click the link below to apply to Flour Mill Nigeria and follow the application guidelines by visiting below FMN portal

FMN Recruitment 2022 Application Guidelines

IMG 20220806 173821
  • Enter your first name and last name
IMG 20220806 173841
  • Enter your surname
IMG 20220806 173910
  • Select your gender
IMG 20220806 173939
  • Enter your date of birth
IMG 20220806 174026
  • Enter your residential State and Local Government
IMG 20220806 174048
  • Enter your phone number
IMG 20220806 174105
  • Select your highest education qualification
IMG 20220806 174124
  • Select your area of Studies
IMG 20220806 174139
  • Write your course of study related to the area of studies
IMG 20220806 174316
  • Write the name of your university or polytechnic that you attend
IMG 20220806 174335
  • Select the degree that you graduate with
IMG 20220806 174407
  • Select Yes Or No if you are completed NYSC
IMG 20220806 174439
  • Select the year of completion NYSC
IMG 20220806 174516
  • Select Yes or No if you have any professional certificate/membership
IMG 20220806 174658
  • If yes, kindly specify
IMG 20220806 174721
  • Select your year of work experience and click on Submit
IMG 20220806 174737


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  1. Am to strive for excellence and precision at all times in all positions and circumstances, maintain positive attitude that promote the team work within the organization and favourable image of the organization

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