How to Apply for UNICEF NG Integrated Health And Birth Registration Campaign

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After reading the application requirements for applying to the UNICEF NG Integrated Health And Birth Registration Campaign in collaboration with U-Report Ng and YOMA, click below to apply and follow the application guidelines.

To Apply UNICEF NG Integrated Health And Birth Registration Campaign Click Your State Name To Apply

Applicants’ terms and conditions

Guidelines For UNICEF’s Integrated Health And Birth Registration Campaign

  • Enter your email
IMG 20220910 163322
  • Enter your full name (first name and last name).
IMG 20220910 163335
  • Select your age range.
IMG 20220910 163351
  • Select your gender.

  • Enter the phone number that you are using for internet connection, e.g., 08012345678
IMG 20220910 163429
  • Select your mobile network provider.
IMG 20220910 163512
  • Select your state of residence
  • Write your LGA of residence
IMG 20220910 163541
  • Write Ward/Town/Area of Residence
IMG 20220910 163616
  • Write which ward/town/area is closest to you.
IMG 20220910 163634
  • Select your current state of identification and click on Next.
IMG 20220910 163645
  • Select Yes if your phone is enabled to access the internet.
IMG 20220910 143752
  • Enter your phone name and version, e.g., Redmi Note11 pro Android 12 SPA1A.210812.016
IMG 20220910 143808
  • Uploaded your YOMA profile image
IMG 20220910 144132
  • Select “yes” to accept the terms and conditions.
IMG 20220910 144245
  • Tell us how you found out about this opportunity (Select the Other and write
IMG 20220910 144303
  • Write your full name as a signature, confirming and click on Submit
IMG 20220910 144420


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