How To Apply Microsoft Agro-Tech Hackathon In Partners With TedPrime Hub And NIRSAL

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To click on apply below to apply and follow the guidelines below


Microsoft Agro-Tech Hackathon In Partners With TedPrime Hub And NIRSAL Application Guideline

  • Firstly write your full name
Screenshot 20220330 211143
  • Write your active email address
Screenshot 20220330 211153
  • Enter your phone number
Screenshot 20220330 211207
  • Select year, month and your date of birth
Screenshot 20220330 211216
  • Select your gender (SEX)
Screenshot 20220330 211230
  • Select your residence state
Screenshot 20220330 211251
  • Write your organization name or school
Screenshot 20220330 211304
  • Enter your position (Rank) in your organization or school
Screenshot 20220330 211348
  • Select your level of education
Screenshot 20220330 211358
  • Enter your course of study in your level of education
Screenshot 20220330 211408
  • What best describes you ( what your interesting)
Screenshot 20220330 211532
  • Enter your Linkin Account link
Screenshot 20220330 211559
  • Enter Links to other projects/solutions/research papers you have worked on and click on Next
Screenshot 20220330 211629

New page will open

  • Select the application as you can see image individual or team .
Screenshot 20220330 212554
  • If the application it’s team you select number of your team members and reenter your team members Details
  • if it’s for individual the and write 200 word maximum by realeted to your skills and Agro-Tech Hackathon as you can see below
Screenshot 20220330 212612

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