How To Apply UNICEF National Birth Registration Recruitment

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Click on link below to apply


Steps To Apply UNICEF National Birth Registration Recruitment

This steps it will be with image below the steps explaination

  • Firstly write your full as (As indicated in your official documents) e.g First name, Second name, and other name
Screenshot 20220320 181202
  • Writing your age
Screenshot 20220320 181212
  • Choose your gender
Screenshot 20220320 181223
  • Write your active Email address
Screenshot 20220320 182950
  • As state in requirement required select Yes (you have a smart phone) if you have, if you don’t have select No
Screenshot 20220320 181234
  • Choose your residence state
Screenshot 20220320 181256
  • Choose your local government Area
Screenshot 20220320 181307
  • Write the name of your Ward/Settlement/Community
Screenshot 20220320 181324
  • Select on Yes I am aware and I fully commit to this and click on Summit
Screenshot 20220320 181350

After you summit it will show you response has been recorded.

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