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How to Create WhatsApp Poll

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Many people want to try votes (poll) on WhatsApp like how Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms launched polls in their platforms in previous years, WhatsApp Poll will help many people, such as entrepreneurs, students to choose appropriate decisions by using WhatsApp to take high vote or opinions from the group members

What is WhatsApp Poll

An online poll is a survey where people give their answers through WhatsApp, usually by filling out a questionnaire on WhatsApp. Anyone can take part in an online poll, or only a small number of people from a larger panel can.

How to do WhatsApp Poll

To conduct a WhatsApp poll, you must have an account with WhatsApp Messenger and an account with Groups that you are an admin of ( or the group is permit everyone to send messages before using a poll in WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp Group
  • Click on the attached symbol
Screenshot 2022 11 17 08 44 54 401 edit com.whatsapp
  • Select on poll


Screenshot 2022 11 17 08 45 25 618 edit com.whatsapp
  • And your poll questions in the (ask questions) and your survey options in +add
Screenshot 2022 11 17 08 45 37 591 edit com.whatsapp
  • Click on send Symbol at left hand below the screen
Screenshot 2022 11 17 08 49 50 414 edit com.whatsapp

How to View Your WhatsApp Poll Votes

To view, your WhatsApp poll votes follow the guidelines below

  • Navigate the WhatsApp poll that you create
  • Click on Views votes
Screenshot 2022 11 17 08 58 36 557 edit com.whatsapp.w4b
  • You will see the vote below
Screenshot 2022 11 17 08 58 52 643 edit com.whatsapp.w4b

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