How to Resume NPC Recruitment Application Successfully

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Many people try to resume/resolve the National Population Commission census Recruitment, but if they enter the application code and click RESUME APPLICATION, the recruitment status shows them please try access code which means your application code is incorrect,

If you want to register NPC Adhoc staff recruitment 2022 2023 application click the link below

For Application, Guidelines click the link below

Resolve Your NPC Recruitment Application Guidelines

And to resume your NPC census recruitment, The best way to resolve your NPC census Recruitment Application is by following the guidelines

  • Firstly visit the NPC recruitment portal/ NPC portal and log in to the link below

  • Click on Start Application and click Resume previous application in the drop-down bottom
Screenshot 2022 11 07 06 20 20 111 edit
  • You are resuming the application panel will display on the middle top of the screen then enter your
Screenshot 2022 11 07 05 49 20 891 edit
  • National Identification Number (NIN) click on RESUME APPLICATION
  • Then the fresh page will appear as you start the new application then you will continue your application

Note: Your application ID for NPC Recruitment Application will change

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  1. At the process of applying for the 2022/2023 NPC Census, I was asked to upload a picture of my certificate, that’s where I close the application, coming back am asked to fill a gap which requires an application code. And I didn’t noticed such while leaving the page. Any help????

  2. At least write Eg I mean discreption how and what I’m going to write where they said I should input my application I’d
    I have been trying to input it correctly but Samething
    Is annoying

  3. Thank you very much, I just applied, I want to know if my application is successful, I have not receive any feedback

  4. Please what should I input as my application I’d
    I have tried over and over but they are saying failed why???
    Please I need urgent help

  5. I have registered npc but, I forgoet to upload my certificate but,I provide all other informations and the registration was successfully submitted according to the message sent to me but anytime I checked my registration status is pending. Pls what can I do.

  6. I was registrating on first week of November but couldn’t complete due to network issues.

    I kept on trying but the next thing I saw was that the site has shutdown and will resume on 13th November.

    Now since 14th November I have been trying to complete my application even after entering my nin,. I still tried it using my application Id but till now it will only show a preloader and stop.

    What should I do

  7. Am not complete my registration stop at upload certificate when try another day to start were I end put my Id in application resume always retry code

  8. In the process of the registration, I uploaded my document but it bounced back. I have been looking for a solution to this all to no avail. How do I resume my application? Please help me. Thank you

  9. My application is on pending an ma trying to login back to my census application it’s a re enter acces code which have done dat both d census generated code and my nin code it’s working for me to login back pls what Can I do sir or maa
    Thanks I will look forward to ur reply…

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