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When you have the opportunity to study abroad, you can gain much more than just a degree. Students from all over the world are choosing to study abroad in nations like Canada, where the educational system is known for its quality and where they may create lifelong memories. The international connections you build in Canada can have a significant impact on your career in the future, whether you decide to stay in the country or launch your career elsewhere after graduation.

After taking the IELTS exam, it’s time to take control of your future and apply to study abroad! IELTS is accepted by all Canadian colleges and universities, allowing you to take one test and submit applications to several schools.

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Why study in Canada?

A globally recognised qualification can take you far!  According to, the tuition fees for universities in Canada are often more affordable than some of the other popular destinations for international students.  

It’s no secret that the quality of life in Canada is excellent and international students have a vast number of institutions to choose from if they want to experience it. Canada is ranked third globally by U.S News for the best quality of life in 2022!

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Find Professional Opportunities when you Graduate in Canada

When you study abroad, you have the opportunity to meet new people from various countries who could influence your future profession. You might be one of the most employable graduates ever produced by the best colleges in Canada. Consider requesting a Post-Graduation Work Permit so you can launch your career before your Canada Study Permit expires. A variety of skills are in demand in the nation.

Read more about the jobs in demand for graduates in Canada here.

Why register for IELTS through the British Council?

You may access a variety of crucial study resources to aid you in your IELTS journey when you register for IELTS with us. To help you reach your objectives, take a deep dive into each test section with our Road to IELTS preparation course, use our free practice exams, and watch our free tutorial videos.


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