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Nigerians stuck in the UK after paying ‘agents’ a ton of money for skilled worker visas are said to have Japa Syndrome.


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According to reports, many Nigerians who spent all of their funds to pay agents who promised them jobs and skilled worker visas are now struggling with unemployment and destitution in the United Kingdom.

According to the victims who talked with Sky News, they left Nigeria in quest of better lands with the conviction that their agents would secure them jobs in the UK, but once there, things took a bad turn.

Despite being promised a job in Britain, the victim, who spoke to Sky News under the condition of anonymity in the cramped hallway of a food bank, said she is currently homeless in the UK.

Similar to the last woman, another woman said she moved to the UK three months ago after paying a Nigerian “agent” £10,000 to set her up with a position as a carer there. Alternatively, only to learn that the position is unfilled.

The research revealed that many of these Nigerians are fighting to survive, turning to food banks and even sleeping on the streets. They claim to have traveled on the skilled worker visa arranged by the travel agency or middlemen.

One of the poor has found solace in a food bank at a Nigerian Community Center in Greater Manchester, where she is given a shopping bag full of essentials.

Bread, cereal, canned tomatoes, and staples from Africa like palm oil and beans are all donated, and there are shelves and boxes full of them.

The victim described their ordeal and stated, “I’ve always taken care of myself. I’m a highly conscientious and hardworking individual. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to remain here and depend on others to eat by going to the food bank.

“I’m not pleased about it. I feel like I’m a lesser person as a result. Since this is not who I was in my own country, I ought to be in a position to give rather than to receive. I feel like an idiot because of it,” she remarked.

The victim also said that she was warned not to get in touch with the British organization that sponsored her for fear of consequences; yet, she presented us with her passport and other documentation to back up her story.

She emphasized that although she would have created the program herself, “there are so many frauds on the internet [in Nigeria] you don’t know what’s real,” therefore she did not. I feel like a fool because of it.

Speaking further about their situation and how the skilled worker visas they had counted on had fallen through, she added, “There are so many. Dozens. Numerous people who I met here are still arriving long after I left. There is a significant scam ongoing.

The founder of the Nigerian Community Centre in Rochdale, Mary Adekugbe, said a significant issue that is increasing her workload and is “shameful” is the need for support for people with skilled worker visas.

Of the approximately 40 people who often visit the weekly food bank, Adekugbe claimed that 15 of them have permits for skilled workers.

“We’re inundated. People are in need. It really worries me. a mature man sobbing like a child. Children sobbing from lack of food because their parents are unable to work to provide for them. No homes. No job. This is troubling, Adekugbe continued. [SkyNews]


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