Npower Batch C Validation Link And How To Validate Npower Batch C Profile

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The Npower under the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has sent an SMS to Npower Batch C Stream 2, beneficiaries and shortlisted those that do not validate the detail, to Validate the Npower Batch C details as in the SMS below.

Screenshot 2023 03 19 08 47 07 717 .messaging

Npower sending an SMS with the Npower Batch C validator link as

How To Validate Your Npower Batch C Details

The Npower validator link is Step below. To Validate your Npower Batch C details successfully, follow the steps by Steps.

  • First, if you receive an SMS from Npower on the link in the mark below
Screenshot 2023 03 19 08 47 26 682 edit .messaging
Npower Batch C validator link
  • Enter your Npower ID as NPWR/2020/0040000. Click on Next
Screenshot 2023 03 19 08 08 41 488 edit
how To Validate Npower Batch C Profile
  • Enter the 11 digits of your BVN and click on Next.
Screenshot 2023 03 19 08 17 13 811 edit
how To Validate Npower Batch C Profile
  • After BVN verification, it will take you to the next step then enter your NIN and then
  • Choose your bank, enter your account and mark the Terms and Conditions and Click on Submit
Screenshot 2023 03 19 08 18 10 483 edit
how To Validate Npower Batch C Profile

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  1. Hi guys please I jst want to confirm something real quick…. My sister also got an SMS but the link on it is quite different from the one showed here…. Can NPOWER be sending each beneficiary different link?
    Or is she being targeted by scammer?

      1. In my own case, I followed the link ???? sent to me, but they are telling me there is is no result for that link

    1. So sorry it’s coming late or am replying you late my dear Npower don’t text any one or will not send you text o let her ignore ok

  2. Pls am having problems while trying to validate my Npower. It continue saying that my ID doesn’t exist but have been using that same ID, trying to validate , pls what do i do

  3. BVN already exists in our database and already linked to another Npower beneficiary, kindly contact support for further assistance

  4. Dear Nasim good morning. I have not been paid yet at all for the first time. I have not received any massage on Nasim account. I have been trying l have been trying to use the link on account validation it’s not connecting. Does it mean I don’t have to go through the process of account validation? Am not having issue on account validation? Why then I have not yet been paid.

  5. I didn’t receive Messages on account validation.but am yet to be paid for the first time.. reason I don’t know. I tried the link, it’s not connecting.could it means that I don’t have to pass through Nasim account validation? Why am I not yet paid?

  6. Since last month are submitting my N power details in the validation link, I’d ,Nim, Bvn, And my bank details
    And then N power send me the link to validate 6/14/23 3:52 Pm
    I try to validate you show me, this details already been taken submit at once

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