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Prof. SinemAbasi Ekong describes how Prof. Cyril Ndifon forced my daughter into sex with him twice in his office.


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I received an anonymous call from the Airport Police Station in Calabar on August 29, 2015, a Saturday. I was asked by the caller if I was the mother of… I confirmed, to which he replied that my daughter was providing a statement to the police. I yelled because the 20-year-old woman had never before entered the police station, much less made a statement. The caller claimed that as she was sobbing, a Good Samaritan noticed her, interrogated her, and then drove her to the station. Since we are headquartered in Akwa Ibom State, I immediately had to phone my in-law in Calabar, who now had to travel to the station to meet with her.

Being a doctor, he (my in-law) went there and oversaw the conduct of her medical checkup. Once that was done, I asked my daughter to tell me what happened. She claimed that Professor Cyril Ndifon, dean of the UNICAL Faculty of Law, had sexually attacked her. She said that on August 29 between 3 and 5 p.m., the incident took place in the dean’s office. My husband and I then sat her down to find out what actually happened after I requested my in-law bring her to Akwa Ibom.

She is a brilliant student, as I must say; you may ask her department about that. She mentioned that they had an exam, adding that only the law and medical students were now on campus and that the other students had not yet arrived back after their brief vacation. Since there are so many empty lecture halls asking to be used throughout the week, it baffles me that a lecturer would schedule an exam for Saturday when the entire campus is silent.

Perhaps the dean did this to indulge in his typical and typical animalistic behavior. She claimed that he had assigned two people to supervise the test, which was scheduled to last an hour. The test was abruptly ended 20 minutes early by the dean, perhaps because so many students were having trouble crossing their Ts and dotting their Is. He went straight to my daughter’s desk, grabbed the script, tore it up, and left.

The girl picked up the fragments of the shredded script that he had placed on her seat and put them in her purse. She departed with her three companions. You will still need to go through the faculty before you leave the building, she said. The dean approached her once again as they were leaving, asking if she still had the torn script, to which she replied in the affirmative. She followed him to the general dean’s office where he told her to recopy the answers on a new sheet.

Unaware of what was going on, the girl accompanied him to the general office, where there were two persons there, including the secretary for the dean. According to my daughter, the dean’s office is located on the first floor of the structure. She stated as

Because the dean would have gone to his official office rather than his private one if he had been sincere, this indicated that the entire incident was preplanned. He allegedly stated that he needed to supervise the girl since he had job to do as well, and my daughter was required to accompany him. The dean requested the girl to kiss him shortly after entering his private office, but she declined. In order for the girl to feel free, he now pretended that everything was OK. She persisted in copying.

He got up before my daughter realized what was going on and tried to have her drink whiskey despite the fact that she had never consumed alcohol.

My daughter claimed to have a lot. He now pledged to raise the total. She made it clear to him that she had no desire to affect her performance. He then made an effort to force the girl to drink, but she resisted. He had already closed the door and hidden the keys. They began to struggle after he informed her he wanted to have sex with her. She begged him to understand that she hadn’t eaten since the morning and that she had studied all night for the exam. But he persisted in battling with her. Despite her cries for help, none came.

He began to struggle while still in his clothing, and after becoming exhausted, he likely overpowered her. He assaulted her and took her trouser off forcibly. The girl tried to escape once again at this point but the door was locked. She was hauled back and pushed down once more by him. He swiftly left after hastily getting dressed since he thought someone might have heard him. He then shut the doors and returned a short while later carrying a bottle of stout.

He had sex with my daughter for the second time while she begged him to let her go since she was weak and dizzy. He opened the door and motioned for the girl to go when he noticed that she was on the verge of collapsing and becoming almost silent. She declined his offer to drop her off. She descended the building alone and met one of her friends who was still waiting. She began to describe her ordeal while sobbing when a Good Samaritan spotted her and picked her up.

The police station received a report of this incident. She was brought to the police clinic for a checkup. We formally reported it to the university administration. We wrote the letter that the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. James Epoke, requested since he was sad about it. I questioned the vice chancellor if the dean was above the law because I had learned that this had been the dean’s specialty over the years, and he said that he was going to take action with the letter in hand. We went to meet the vice-chancellor on Monday, but ended up seeing him on Tuesday. The incident happened on Saturday, I contacted my daughter back on Sunday, and we finally met with him on Tuesday.

I am confident that the God of justice will see me through this situation. Even though this has already happened, I hope that this situation will set additional kids free. Since I assured the vice chancellor that no one should harm my daughter, he gave me his word that the university administration would address the situation.

If the academics who are trying to safeguard Ndifon believe that what they are doing is right, then may sexual assault never leave their families. It is traumatic to go through this. My daughter is intelligent, so I never imagined it would happen. Why did he not pick the girls who willingly approach him to beg for grades? Why did my daughter, who has never sought his advice,

A 70-year-old man forcefully having sex with a 20-year-old girl, my daughter, who is the pride of the family, this is wicked. The pains of us, the parents, whose daughters he has molested, will hunt him forever and ever. She cried.

A 70-year-old man forcefully having sex with a 20-year-old girl, my daughter, who is the pride of the family, this is wicked. The pains of us, the parents, whose daughters he has molested, will hunt him forever and ever. She cried.


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