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Reno Omokri, criticizes Wole Soyinka in a contentious video for giving Davido advice.


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Professor Wole Soyinka has come under fire from Reno Omokri, a senior aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, for the advice he provided Davido The…

Former Goodluck Jonathan adviser Reno Omokri criticized Professor Wole Soyinka for a piece of advice he gave music icon Davido.

The singer’s post on his verified Twitter account has made him popular recently. The Muslim community disapproved of the film since the image had certain unfavorable connotations for Islam.

The musician, who had just signed Logos Olori, released a 45-second video with the message, “Allow me to re-introduce @logosolori with his new single ‘Jaye Lo’,” in the now-deleted tweet. Let’s perform Run It Up once. Let’s conquer the entire planet! Our Litty.

Furthermore, the signee was seen sitting on what appeared to be a mosque in the contentious footage. In addition, men who appeared to be Muslims could be seen worshipping in front of the structure in the video’s opening shots.

Wole Soyinka defended Davido in a statement while the musician was facing criticism for the post and some people were of the opinion that he should apologize. The academic claimed that the musician owes no one an apology.

He also claimed that Nasir El Rufai, a former governor of Kaduna State, had made disparaging remarks about Christians in the past but had never been compelled to apologize.

Soyinka further pointed out that Deborah Yakubu, a second-year Christian college student who was slain by a mob of Muslim students in Sokoto last year over suspected blasphemy, was not lynched because of Davido’s songs. He asserted that he does not see any justification for Davido’s apology to Muslims.

In response to the professor’s remark, Omokri stated that it would not be wise for Davido to follow Soyinka’s advise because he is an atheist.

In a lengthy tweet, Omokri stated, in part, that it would be very foolish for Davido to follow the advice of an atheist like Professor Wole Soyinka, who is telling him he owes no apologies to Muslims, about the song’s music video, Jaye Lo. This individual rejects the existence of God. How therefore can he understand the emotions of those who trust in God?

Muslims claim ownership of Islam and claim that they received it from God. It is not the place of an atheist, Christian, or follower of any other religion to instruct Muslims on how to feel when their religion is practiced in ways they find objectionable.

Is this not the same Professor Wole Soyinka who, on July 7, 2023, criticized the Emir of Ilorin for preventing Yeye Ajesikemi Omolara, an Osun priestess, from conducting an Isese festival in Ilorin and sought justice for Osun worshipers? Why then is he suddenly opposed to Muslims receiving justice?

“Deleting the offending video is a first step for which I commend Davido,” he concluded the message. By apologizing, the issue will be resolved and the Muslim Ummah’s bruised feelings will be soothed.

“An elder should be renowned for extinguishing fires rather than stoking them. In Nigeria, there must be peaceful religious cohabitation. We don’t require interreligious conflict.


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