SEIFAC Announced The Date For ATM Cards Distribution

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Jubilation awaits members of Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative (SEIFAC) as the management has concluded plans to distribute their long-awaited Automated Teller Machine (ATM) customized cards Monday next week.

It will distribute the ATM cards from January 31st to February 21st, 2022

It is in a circular signed by the SEIFAC National Programme Coordinator, Mr. Patrick Abur and media statement Friday.

According to the circular SEIFAC, Co-operators must visit their SEIFAC LGA Desk or Agent office with their ID card proof and NGN500.00 (Five Hundred Naira) only as an allocation for logistical costs for collecting SEIFAC Co-Branded ATM cards.

The statement disclosed that the card maintenance fee charge deduction on SEIFAC cooperators’ accounts is because of the card has been issued and is handed to a vendor for co-branding after which the sorting of the cards for distribution. And considering the number of cards involved meeting up with such logistics requires a lot of time, hence the delay in the distribution of the cards.

“After ensuring full delivery of the produced maps. Then we will execute the bulk activation of the cards for our respective cooperating dashboard to begin the transaction with the accounts and wait for the payout efficiency of SEIFAC”.

SEIFAC Co-Branded Cards for places like Gombe, Sokoto, Borno, Abia, Enugu, Rivers, Delta, Anambra, Imo and Ebonyi are still at various stages of logistics and need to be released into the next card distribution lots.

The coordinator appealed to those who did not activate their SEIFAC Project Wallet account number (SPWAN) may do so in a timely manner to benefit and for those awaiting the opening of their SPWAN by Heritage Bank PLC Please be patient until the end of the first quarter of the year.

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