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Troops kill 39 terrorists, detain 157 suspects, and free 109 captives.


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According to the Nigerian Army, 16 oil thieves and 157 other suspects were detained along with 39 terrorists.
At a press conference in Abuja to brief journalists on the activities of the armed forces troops in their various operations, Major General Edward Buba, the Deputy Director of Defence Media Operations, announced this.
Major General Buba claimed that troops also freed 109 prisoners who had been taken hostage and denied that any oil theft had occurred other than for the value of N765,863,000.00 (seven hundred and sixty-five million, eight hundred sixty-three thousand naira).

“In addition, troops found 96 different types of ammo and 55 different types of weapons. Here is the breakdown: 12 AK47 rifles, one GPMG, one HK21 gun, one FN rifle loaded with 5 rounds of NATO ammo, 2 Dane guns, 3 fabricated rifles, one fabricated pistol, 3 locally made pistols, 11 AK47 magazines, 71 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 22 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 2 rounds of 9mm ammo, one cartridge, one bandolier, 7 rounds 7.62mm special empty cases, 24 motorcycles, 13 mobile phones, 10 bicycles and the sum of Eight Hundred and Eighty One Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (N881,700.00).

71 dugout pits, 36 boats, 83 storage tanks, 5 cars, 4 motorcycles, 58 cooking ovens, 5 pumping equipment, 3 generators, and 3 vehicles were all found and destroyed by troops in the Niger Delta region.

The military will keep up its aggressive military operations against violent extremist organizations that want to jeopardize national security and commit acts of violence against the populace. As a result, the armed forces continue to concentrate on their primary goal and make modifications along the road to better protect citizens while isolating and eliminating those groups that pose a threat to national security.


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