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UI Proposes a Massive Increase in School Fees, Causing Anxiety



Stakeholders have continued to criticize the proposed increase in the fee that University of Ibadan (UI) students would pay beginning with the following academic year.

The University of Ibadan (UI) students will begin paying from the start of the following academic session, with lab course-related students paying N230,500, non-lab students paying 125,500, and studio and digital students paying 175,000.

The dormitory fees, according to a former student leader at UI who spoke on the record under the condition of anonymity, were the most absurd aspect of it.

Even though they will be sleeping in the same hostel, the former student leader claims that the hostel costs for the 100 level and the other levels are different.It doesn’t make sense for students at the 100 level to pay N60,000 for housing while those in lower levels will pay about N45,000 and remain in the same hostels. Six of these freshman will share one room.

Ridwan Okeshola, a different immediate past student leader, claimed that the increase eliminated the benefit of attending a public university in Nigeria. He said, “The growth is significant. It eliminates the primary motivation for enrolling in public schools. The scenario is making the students unhappy.

Families are living below the poverty line as a result of the difficult economic situation. The management of the school needs to take these into account.The excuses for some of the breaks, such as faculty prospectus, caution, counseling, and similar things, won’t hold up in my opinion.

As was previously reported, the federal University of Ibadan has apparently joined the list of federal colleges that have dramatically raised tuition costs since President Bola Tinubu signed the student loan bill into law. President Tinubu asserted that university education remained free while denying that he had ordered the schools to raise their tuition.


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