Understand What Is NFTs


The NFTs market is exploded is about $22 billion by market cap, in this post you will learn what is NFTs and all those monkeys, others thing that you’re seen as NFTs, and learn how to create, buy, sell and earn money with NFTs

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What is NFTs?

The Word NFTs means Non Fungible Tokens, is digital tokens that are unique and can’t split its value based on the developer offered it.

Type of NFTs

  • Collectables NFTs
  • Arts NFTs
  • Programmatic NFTs
  • Music and Media NFTs
  • Gaming NFTs
  • Virtual World NFTs
  • Domains NFTs

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Collectables Is a collection of NTFs which typically share a common theme. However, each NFTs within that collection typically has unique attributes that make it rare.

images 2022 01 12T114126.383
Collectables NFTs

Arts where we see the more traditional world items like photography, painting and drawings becoming NFTs

images 2022 01 12T114157.410
Arts NFTs

Programmatic are art where people generating art with and information with Blockchain

images 2022 01 12T114508.969
Programmatic NFTs

Music and Media NFTs Unlocking new revenue for artists by enable to create music video and even music video NFTs they can collect royalties from their music if they choose to.

images 2022 01 12T114739.407
Music and Media NFTs

Gaming NFTs is the best NFTs with NFTs gaming. You can play and earn NFTs and you can play games with the level of your character, which is usually also an NFTs unlike traditional. gaming everything you earn while you are playing games is your to keep forever.

images 2022 01 12T114318.655
Gaming NFTs

Virtual World here people can create virtual earth or even create entirely news worlds. in virtual world you can buy your own and then you can do whatever you on that land, including hosting events, playing games and even advertising on your land.

images 2022 01 12T115153.886
Virtual World

Domains NFTs with domains you can use a service like unstoppable domains to register and own domain name simply by holding NFTs

images 2022 01 12T114644.890
Domain NFTs


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