Understand What’s Blockchain In Summary

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You can send money without a bank, without governments, with no one managing and without a third party or perform any transaction without a third party. How? Simply with help of Blockchain.

What is Blockchain ?

Blockchain Is a place where record is saved, is like a database the data are saved in block and this block are connecting in a chain this is why we call it Blockchain

May people ask questions

  • who will validate a transaction when we made without third-party ?
  • How secure it is ?

Who Will Valid A Transaction When We Made Without Third-party ?

The Answer is the Blockchain it self,
How this havings ?
When ever we made a transaction on this Blockchain this transaction (Sender, receiver and the data) will be recorded in every single Block in the chain and every single Block (node) must verifier the transaction, {if every single block verified and accept (agree) on the transaction, then before the transaction will validate}

How Secure It Is ?

Because of every single block most verified and accept (agree) on the transaction, then before the transaction will validate this why the Blockchain is super secure because it decentralized management

And the Blockchain is public. Everyone can explore the Blockchain and see what is happening and see all the valid transaction, this how you can verify you transaction was verified in everyone on the blockchain

And the data in the Blockchain is immutable. You can not change of delete.

Characteristics Of Blockchain

  • High security
  • Decentralized
  • Immutable

Blockchain is not all about cryptocurrencies you can valid any transaction like voting system

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