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Wedding Canceled After Best Man Reveals Bride’s Past: “She Paid For Marks In School With Knacks”


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A Nigerian man has used social media to tell the tale of how the wedding he was scheduled to attend was postponed as a result of comments the best man made about the bride’s history.

He explained that the groom’s understanding of numerous details about his future wife, dating back to her university days, was aided by the best man.

He revealed in his statement that

“The wedding I’m supposed to attend on the 23rd of this month has been called off.”

“Why? The bride and the best man of the wedding shared a hostel in Absu. For three years, he witnessed everything the bride did.

“The abortions, runs, and even giving her out for runs, how she used knickers to buy grades in school. Before recommending her to certain OGs, he even lay with her to get a sense of how’sweet’ she is. He has personal knowledge of the girl.

“To cut a long story short, he ignored the girl’s request and told his guy everything. The groom canceled the nuptials. He still gets along with his G. The girl, who is 30 years old, is the one who is distraught. She isn’t answering calls or going outside.

People have flocked to the comment area of the post to voice their opinions in response to the revelation made by the social media user.

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