Why My NPC Application Status pending?

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Many people sent me messages “I Check NPC application status but is pending” this must haven for those that apply for NPC Adhoc recruitment for enumerator, in this post will guide you step by step on how to check the NPC application status and Fix NPC Application status pending

To fix the “pending” NPC application status, you must know your NPC application code because some people visit the NPC screening center and screen others without knowing or confirming the NPC application code.

How to Check My NPC Application Status using NIN

In our previous post, we state the guidelines on how to check your NPC application code step by step with your NIN

To check the guidelines click How to Check Application Code with NIN Number

How to Fix NPC Application Status Pending

Every applicant who checks his application status and finds “pending” kindly go to attend the NPC screening in your local government’s education department or ward. Not confirming your NPC application code compulsory to avoid screen for the unknown person

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  1. I got to the page where I took picture of myself and for it to display at the last page it could not upload my picture . please npc help me out.

  2. Good day
    The site exited when I was about to upload from my gallery and I haven’t completed the registration
    My application status is showing pending

    And when I try to start the application again it’s saying “ please retry access code “
    What should I do ?

  3. I applied as an enumerator and my code has been confirmed.
    I attended the screening which my Local government approved.
    My application status is still writing pending and I don’t know the reason why.Please do something about this.

  4. I was officially invited on the 2nd of February for the npc adhoc staff screening at my LGA.
    I went with all my certificate from B. Sc to
    first school leaving and was screened for supervisor yet my status still pending till date even as am fit for to execute the job.
    I just realized people paid to be approved and it’s so annoying that Nigeria is still backward with the approach to actualize properly done job.
    Now am been called by someone that is approved to come cover up when the training will commerce bcos the person won’t be around.
    It’s so painful when opportunity is given to unfit and at the long run it will be sublet to the fit ( graduate) to fill in and be paid peanut.
    NPC please approve me o.
    Am not happy with this rubbish.

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